OFOQ Baggage Handling & Reconciliation Software (BRS)

OBRS Effectively guarantees that all the passengers and their baggage are on the same right aircraft. The system handles variety of baggage types; it handles Local and Transfer baggage, as well as Limited Release, Rush, Interline, Crew Baggage, AVI (Animal).

  • OBRS is web-based application built on IBM WebSphere and J2EE Technology & Standards.
  • Multi-tier system with thin client. Client is Internet Explorer (as web browser) on WindowsCE-based Pocket PC and Windows on desktop client.
  • Pocket PC (handheld) device has Barcode Reader plug-in.
  • Pocket PCs are connected to the server via wireless network that covers the whole airport area.
  • Certificate of Integrated system with SITA bag message system
  • BRS with its innovated wireless technology, complies with the IATA 1745 Recommend Practice; it is integrated with the airport DCS, and is built on J2EE technology.

Main Features

  • Multi-Airport Support. Flight, Carts, ULDs, Locations, Users, etc… are defined per airport.
  • IATA Standard.
  • Handles both Bulk and Containerized-Palletized Aircraft.
  • Barcode-based system. All IDs are printed in barcode format (User, Baggage, ULD, Cart, Position, Location, etc…)
  • Handles multiple locations in the airport, multiple sorting area, ULDs, Carts and A/C Positions
  • Baggage Tracking

Solution Reports

Reconciliation Reports: Concerning the onboard/not onboard passengers and Crewmembers, and the loaded/not

loaded baggage to a flight.

Flight Baggage Reports: Flight Baggage Locations, Total Number, Loaded/Not Loaded Baggage Information,

Transfer Baggage, Local Baggage, Rush Tags, Limited Release Baggage, Crew Baggage, and Red-Scanned Tags.

Flight ULDs Reports: ULDs information and Baggage Information, Location, Loading Information, and Transfer

Not Scanned.

Owner’s Reports: Owner’s Information and Baggage Information.

Baggage Reports: Baggage information, Location History and Wrongly Loaded (Red-Scanned).

ULD Reports: ULDs Information, Contents (Sheet), Location History and Wrongly Loaded.

Carriage Reports: Carriage Information, Contents and Location History.

Transfer Baggage: Un-scanned transfer baggage